Root genius download latest version with improved features

When your device seems call for energy what can you do? You may confuse will your device request strength? Of course, it will. But it is up to you to realize when and how? The Smartphone might get slower and tight silently without let you move through any option efficiently like prior. Therefore, when we consider the best resolution for such serious wearisome goings-on, rooting appears to be the finest. Behind that, you can easily root whatsoever device using Root genius download latest version. It is one of oldest Android rooting tools in the market. So here is a brief guide.


Why we select Root genius download?

Unlike some other rooting applications, Root genius has a special method that can easily resolve your desire. It is a well designed application too. Its procedure, graphical user interface and the performance can support whoever evens a newbie. The version 3.1.7 can download just for free from reliable resources on your desktop or as an apk directly to the device system. Therefore, it is important consider about the hottest update always before you apply. The most recent edition contains smooth features that can straightforwardly turn the procedure into a victory. It is simple instructions can take you through devoid of any specific step guide either.

How to root?


Before go through root genius PC application, there you have to prepare a suitably effective Windows running computer. And then USB cable is the next to connect the handset to the computer. The PC should install respective drivers as well. And then it is better put out of action your virus guards on both handset and the computer. Make certain that you have a clear idea about rooting since it might void your warranty.

The procedure

  • First of all, arrange USB debugging mode on your device from Developers Options in your Settings
  • And then download the tool package to the arranged computer
  • Simply launch the tool package
  • Take the prepared USB cable and connect the device to the machine
  • When the device seems perfectly detected, you can start the operation
  • Go to the button in the middle of the UI and that display as “Root Now” and click in it
  • The procedure will smoothly began to install KingUser during next few minutes by completely root the system

When the operation will end, you can refer if KingUser is there on your app section and make certain that you have been succeeded. So the app KingUser will support you to manage the whole thing suspiciously

Important points of Root genius download

  • Your data will not in a risk since the rooting tool does not access your personal areas such as contacts, texts, username/password and so on
  • The utility can be downloaded for free from the web
  • The user must root using the latest version always for perfect results
  • The warranty might void for some technical issues. Root with Rootgenius at your own risk
  • This has been developed by Shenzhen Bottle Corporations
  • The tool available for both PC based and apk methods

Systemless root with Magisk manager download

Android root is one of most talkative topics among Smartphone users these days for several amazing collectives that they can do behind. So we brought you one of those applications that supports you all to simply become root and even gain more. We usually call it Magisk manager download. The application available for free in the web as a common rooting tool but with the special systemless root accomplishment. Unlike common utilities we put forward, this has a superior performance and a method to modestly become rooted. Moreover, you can hide your current status and bring those apps that can only set up on official operating systems. Check our brief guide. 

Magisk manager for root permission

As we describe above, root is just a single option that can accomplish through this. But it is the key feature that we fall for Magisk manager. As a usual rooting tool, it supports almost all root-only apps and third-party sources. So a device that applied this can enjoy almost all rooted functionalities devoid of any barrier. Because of this interesting movement, experts say that this is the best optional suggestion for well-known SuperSU app we surrounded since long. 

Moreover, its root permission call systemless root support for several significant features that it bounded. Therefore, this is the first ever offer of XDA developers to bring systemless root permission. 

What is Magisk hide?

This is the next significant feature in my opinion that you all should cover. Using this certain functionality, users with root permission that taken through magisk capable to hide it and enjoy non-root apps as well. Those who faced the trouble know how worthy to have such amazing option while you have to stay away from non-root apps until you become unroot. So from now onwards, you do not need to escae from current status. You can enjoy both root and non-root utilities at the same time.

What is Magisk Mount?

So this is the next. How great it would be when you can customize whatever part of your operating system devoid of touch or affect any partition? Of course, now you have the key. Magisk manager has very own feature Mount that let you go through the exact functionality. Just set it and apply anything you love to the system. 

Important facts

Devices with gzip compressed boot.img, they are the perfect kits for the tool performance. When it contain lz4compressed type boot.img, this will no longer let you go in.
For some technical issues behind root permission that you have been taken, your authorization might randomly lose. So check if there is any mistaken arrangement on your handset such as enable BussyBox.

Final words

Simply request Magisk manager if you feel you want to fly and enjoy every single feature behind the Android operating system. Rather than just come across often root-only apps, this would be interesting and let you fly beyond boundaries. So grab the latest version there and enjoy being a member of the world’s first systemless root support.

Samsung Odin 3.13.1 - Flash Android Oreo

 Since Android Oreo is one of talkative topics these days, hope you would love to go through a complete guide of flash Oreo on your Samsung Smartphone or Tablet. There you have to bring your dedicated supporter Samsung Odin version 3.13.1 as the hottest update. It is the ideal utility to accomplish such consequences. And even, the recent edition got a couple of amazing features that support us in advance. So here is our guide to set up your device with Android 8.0 ROM files. 

Samsung Odin latest version

As clarified, when we consider flash Oreo, Odin 3.13.1 should use as the key to open the doorway. And even the most recent update of the utility has remarkable functionalities such as Mac OS X support and flash Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. Therefore, unlike all its previous releases, this can work on both Windows and OS X with respective entries. If you are concerned and you are with minimum requirements, this would be a turning point to gain advanced features there with you.

Flash custom ROM and kernels

Of course, the utility capable to support in these terms as well. It capable to let you flash custom kernel and ROM packages as well. If there you have certain tar or md5 files with minimum requirements, the process will victorious. As often, make certain that you know troubleshoot and movements that should apply accidently for a better end up. Flash Oreo and enjoy superior features.

Flash Android Oreo with Samsung Odin 


  • Prepare the PC and download latest Samsung drivers in it
  • And then you have to download G950FXXU1CRB7 file and Odin tool. Each file should extract and save on your desktop
  • Arrange a backup of important data as you will not be able to bring back any file after flash

The step guide

  • Put the device in to Odin mode using Volume down > Power > Home buttons
  • During your device display “Downloading…”, connect it to the PC and start the process
  • Log section of the interface have to display “ADDED” when the tool perfectly connect with the connected handset
  • If connected smoothly, click the “AP” button and bring the tar file there to flash
  • And then you can commence the procedure by clicking on the “Start” button at the bottom of the interface
  • If the operating succeeded, “PASS!” note will set at the top of the UI. If it is “RESET” it means you failed it. Restart the procedure with proper entries

Troubleshooting tips 

Most of failure results occur because of following reasons. If drivers’ package is not the latest, the port cannot accurately transfer data between devices, the ROM file is not correct; the cable is not connectable or cannot share data and further similar ones. So failure operations should restart the PC and remove the battery of the device for a while and set them back. If you still get fail results, there might be something else. Check each requirement and step to make certain the point that you missed.

Root using the latest version of Framaroot apk

The latest version of Framaroot can support almost all suggested Android handsets in minutes to put on root permission on your beloved handset. This is not similar to often rooting applications. But it can let you become rooted in a single click. Framaroot apk download recently updated its edition up to version 1.9.3. It contains all-new features and several new exploits as well. And in recent times, its compatible device list as well lengthened reminding us that it too became one of famed rooting applications in XDA. However, make sure that you are with one of those compatible devices and get ready to root.

Download the latest version – Framaroot apk

The version 1.9.3 is the most recent edition of the utility has been dropped to users with all-new uses, features and movements as well. Moreover, because of its exploits based rooting method, it seems there are several new exploits as well. Thus, there is no doubt that a couple of devices could stretch the compatible device list. Therefore, records prove that the list recently reached 1K compatible models. 

However, the recent version capable to support you all in a perfect way without trips the handset. But this does not mean that it will be safe in every movement. The user should go through their own risk for it even might void their warranty.

Root without a computer 

Since we all know that Framaroot tool comes as an APK, we do not need to come up with a Windows PC as we usually so. So here are the preparations and steps to move on.

Arrangements for the procedure

Fully charge the handset battery at least up to 80%
Create backups is the next step to keep safe all your important files if the procedure goes wrong
And before commence the process, you have to turn to Settings section and enable Unknown sources

Steps to follow

  • Open your device and search for Framaroot’s recent version directly through the browser
  • And then simply start the establishment of the loaded APK. For that you can go through the browser or else the file explorer
  • A warning alert will turn on your display. So you have to pay no heed to it and continue normally
  • And then you can simply open the installed app and enter the option you need between SuperSU, Unroot and Execute script
  • So here, just use the first SuperSU option and end the rooting process

Important: The third option that the tool will display as Execute script can only use when you certainly know its usage. Do not use if you are unsure about its affect.

Troubleshooting tips

It is important consider if the pop up says that your device do not have exploits to use. It means those exploits that the utility contains are not enough and they have been patched on yours. So you should stay there for updates or else turn for some other option. But do not give up when it just say that you are unsuccessful. Try few times until you confirm that it is no longer practical.

Root Android Nougat using Rootkhp Download

Users with Android Nougat now have a unique rooting tool called Rootkhp. It is the most excellent utility and that perfectly supports over 1K handset replicas just with a single click. Throughout, you can gain root permission along with all root-only features such as custom ROM/Kernel flash, remove stock apps, clean junk files, create nandroid backups and so on plainly. Unlike some other implements, Rootkhp download has a unique user interface behind its well-organized procedure that users can simply understand and go on. Though you are a newbie or else a proficient, this will be the best tool you ever meet. 

Rootkhp download for Android

As I clarified, this is the specific implement arranged to root Android 7.0 based devices. Having root permission is important when you want something special that your manufacturer did not permit you. With root class, you are no longer limited or framed. You can gain more and more features and tweaks in minutes. 

However, the reason behind our suggestion is as follow. The fastest performance and the well designed process can let whoever its users reach the victory. Rather than hang on tools that put you in troubles, it would be better turn for a sharp and a trustworthy utility.

Rootkhp apk download

This is not a public application that users can right out right away. The implement has no an APK based arrangement that users capable to directly set to the handset. Thus you have to come up with a Windows running computer that have to connect using a USB cable. Let your handset get rooted using wide screen rather than just go on a limited area directly on the handset.

The latest version

The most recent release of Rootkhp known as the version 1.4. It contains several uses as follow. 

  • Support devices running Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • The device list has been expanded with a couple of new models such as Huawei p9 lite, Galaxy J MAX, Xiaomi Mi Max
  • The performance become faster contain more exploits

How to root using Rootkhp download?



  • Prepare a Windows machine and download the rooting tool in it
  • And then swiftly arrange USB debugging mode
  • Bring a USB cable and network to the handset
  • Once the connection become stable, you can put your finger on the specific root key stand in orange
  • And then “Root process started. Please wait few minutes” notification will appear
  • Stay away until the procedure comes to an end. When it ends, “Congratulations! Root Finished” notice will display if your have been succeeded
  • Now it is time to consider the PC and close the interface. Go back to the handset and set up Rootchecker in it to check out the status properly

Troubleshooting tips 

Here is the list of a couple of important tips when the course of action seems to go wrong. 

  • If there is a trouble with the connectivity, check out the compiled PC, USB cable, connected ports and properly enabled USB debugging mode
  • The utility can run using Windows 10 un to Vista