Why Should an iPhone User Install iTools Download ?

iTools is the calmest iPhone operating system executing software package for almost all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iTools download recently designed its graphical user interface as a user-friendly in conjunction with quiet and swift navigation authority. It has the capability to handle whatsoever media collectives such as iTunes music, text, video clips, audio tracks, photographs, PDF, documents, files and so on. All you have to do is, set up the software on Windows or else Macintosh computer and take up every last one as you go for.

iTools download – What is it?

What is iTools and why it is better even than Apple’s iTunes? Are you a newbie to iTools? Do not concern yourself either it is going to be your first attempt for from now onwards you will be able to open eyes in the meanwhile our narration.

iTools download indicates a well-established utility which able to custom as a replacement for Apple iTunes. This famed iTunes is a place where users can visit for media transactions. From the very beginning, it was a tool that fellows capable to play music and audio files. And then it has been matured into a raised area of multimedia.


iTools compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod models of both 64bit and 32bit. It contained the newfangled iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well.

Is it similar to Apple iTunes?

Absolutely yes. The iTools similar to official iTunes beyond a doubt. Every single key responsibility that you encounter throughout the official utility is there to serve you from the depth. Even the menu bar as well stands at the equivalent spot on your left side.

Features of iTools download

As a store and a manager that guide you through the accurate path, iTools 4 download got the aptitude to dive the bottom of the device file structure once network to the PC or Mac. Behind that, you can bring together all your media files. Sync videos, music, photographs and furthermore will be easier than ever. Managing apps only distance with a tap of your finger. And even create backups of every important file or the entire of the iDevice. 

Since there is a calendar, you can simply arrange reminders and keep notes of every event you are going to participate. When you concern for battery draining issues, download iTools got a specific battery master feature. It will give you all specifics related to the battery and let you sustain it in good health. And it is spectacular having all these features in a single place. You can make a considerable turnaround from anxious life with iTunes.
  • iTools Smart backup and restore
  • Battery Master
  • AirPlayer with games, web browsing, videos, images, documents and so on
  • Data migration
  • Image tool
  • File Manager
  • Ringtone maker
  • Desktop arranger

Download the latest version

iTools 4 download is the latest version of the utility which is absolutely free. It supports iOS 8.0 and later with 32bit and 64-bit Windows and Macintosh computers.

System supplies

  • Mac OS X – 10.8 and later
  • Windows 32bit/64bit – XP or above
  • Required at least 40 megabytes of disk space to install iTools download
  • RAM of your computer should be above 256 megabytes
  • And the CPU is an Intel comes with 750MHz AMD


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