LG Flash Tool Download for Windows 10

lg flash tool

Flashing is the highest attempt those Android fellows capable to perform over their Smartphone and Tablet. It supports you to renew the skin of the handset. And also proficient to resolve serious issues either. LG flash tool was officially publicized to the audience in 2014. And the recent version has been upgraded to perform on Windows 10 platforms too. Since the internal package is an exe, Windows OS is required. The application does not ask to install to the PC. Just launch the UI and set the ROM package there. And once you tap the start switch, the procedure will start and end within few minutes.

Flash using the latest version of LG flash tool

LG flash tool latest version capable to flash almost all Smartphone types related to 12b, 11c, 10b and 23abc systems. Official KDZ ROM kits available greater than 1 GB. And even it welcomes custom ROM/Kernel flash as well with respective software kits. In simple, you are capable to use the procedure in an aim to upgrade or downgrade, unroot, recover the system, unbrick and so on. Of course, it is handier in some cases that users have not any discharge possibility but flash the system. Having the most recent KDZ flash tool download will settle all your troubles surrounded the handset structure.

Features of LG flash tool

  • Download as a freeware
  • Perfectly works with Windows
  • Compatible with almost all device categories comes in Android
  • Welcomes KDZ files either higher than 1GB
  • The well-established graphical user interface to simply understand
  • No need to be with host files or else HTTP server to bypass

A complete guide to flash using LG flash tool


  • Prepare a Windows computer and a proper USB cable
  • Download latest LG phone drivers to the PC and install right away
  • C++ RunTime library kit as well has to set up to the arranged computer
  • Download KDZ flash tool 2014

The step guide

Before step forward to the operation, you have to bring all important files to a complete backup. If not, all your data will remove and will not recover from flash it.
  • Extract the loaded LG flash tool and the firmware package
  • And then network the handset and the PC using the cable you prepared
  • Go to KDZ file and copy it to LG flash tool 2014 folder respectively
  • And then you will capable to run the utility
  • After that, you will ask each detail of the handset to enter the approaching window
  • Go to the final step by tapping on the Start switch stand at the bottom of the UI
  • Once the process will start, you have to quit and wait for its completion

Troubleshooting tips

  • The first attempt may not be able to accomplish some technical errors or so on. Thus, keep in your mind that you better try a couple of times to make the resulting success
  • When there will be issues with the connection of the device, check the port, USB cable, and drivers

Developer credits

Lg flash tool has been established and freely distributed by XDA developers.

SP Flash Tool Download - Flash MediaTek Devices

SP Flash tool

SP Flash tool is an application that based on Windows and Linux operating systems. If your smart devices reporting errors with software issues the better option to repair them is flashing the stock firmware. In this process, the exciting firmware file will be replaced. That is why you have to find and get the corresponding stock ROM file for the manner. Flash custom recovery, run a memory test, format or hard reset the Android object are the widely encountering highlighted features of SP Flash tool download. The SmartPhone flashing tool can utilize only on Windows or Linux platform. That is why you have to be prepared with a Windows or Linux platformed personal computer to flash necessary firmware files. Let's dive into the manner of flashing.

How to SP Flash Tool Download

The official application is available to download on the official website. Click here to download SP Flash application for free of charge. The total mechanism is based on scatter files. That is why download the optimal scatter file which compatible with your smart device is an urgent requirement. This is a special flashing tool edition that specialized for MediaTek branded Android objects. Hense, do not mess with other mobiles because it may brick devices instantly and largely might be undone. Taking a complete backup of all the personal files may help to prevent losing important data. Note that if you engage in custom recovery flashing with the tool the warranty will void at the first step but the stock ROM.

Requirements for SmartPhone Flash

  • A PC or a Laptop running with Windows or Linux operating system.
  • SP Flash Tool download.
  • Find and pick the optimal scatter files.
  • MediaTek device USB drivers.
  • A recommended USB cable.
  • Maintain over 50% of battery limit.

How to use SP Flash Tool

  • Take a backup of personal content that stored in your device storage.
  • Smartphone flashing tool downloads and execute on a PC.
  • Click "Scatter Loading" button and load the downloaded scatter file into the tool.
  • Then, uncheck all tick marks from the window.
  • Now, switch off the device and then connect to the computer.
  • Click the "Download" button to start the flashing process.
  • The application will complete the rest and will notify with rebooting the smart device at the end of the manner.


This is the most compatible firmware flashing tool that specialized for MediaTek powered smart devices. When considering the success rate the tool holds the top. That is why there is nothing to be worried about upcoming issues and errors. Engage in SmartPhone Flash Tool Download to repair MTK devices in a short while.