SRS root download latest version with improved features

Among thousands of rooting applications in the web, this is another narration about a remarkable application offered by XDA developers. We simply call it SRS root. It has a special performance with several exploits to offer root priviladge to a wide crowd. Since it comes for free of charge, anyone can test it simply using a computer in accordance with recommended guidelines. However, SRS root download recently released the version 4.7 and that contain all it need to make the procedure a successful devoid of any difficulty. Unlike often utilities, its procedure is an easy handlling one with well-established movements behind each step. There is nothing further to consider when you follow a proper step guide and the recently released tool version.

SRS root download for one-click rooting

SRS root is not another often single-click root tool. It surround several fascinating features that eager us to follow it. Whatever recommended Smarrtphone or a Tablet such as Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S2 S3 and so on running Android 1.5 to 4.2 capable to bring root permission on their system. The latest version 4.7 will supports users to simply tap on the certain button to accomplish perfect results. 

SRS root download without a PC

When we encounter whatever rooting tool, we often lookn for its apk option as well. But, there is no such an option as SRS root apk at this moment. Those who desire its support directly on their devices can try out the current desktop based application. Since it is not complicated and even capable to simply end with few steps, no need to worry or backward. It can guide you through each step with a wide interface rather than the tiny deal directly on your handset. 

However, all you have to do is bring there a Windows based computer and install the utility there. Once launch it, you can use the root button and bring root status right away. There is nothing further to download  as an additional packages. 

How to root?


  • Create a complete backup
  • Compile a USB cable and a PC
  • Download the latest version of SRS root
  • Fully charge the device battery
  • Install drivers to the geared up computer
  • Enable USB debugging mode
  • Connect with Wi-Fi or proper internet connection
  • And then you can follow own guidelines for further uses
  • Root all method is the recommended option to tap for the procedure

Troubleshooting tips

  • If it seems the tool cannot support you, check your Android version to be between 1.5 – 4.2
  • When the computer cannot identify the connected device, uninstall drivers and reinstall them. Moreover, it the trouble seems to endure, check out ports that connected to each other. And even the USB cable that used
  • As an important point, highlight that the latest version 4.7 is important to grab from areliable source for a better journey

Developer credits

Credits of develop and distribute SRS root for free goes to XDA developers. The tool contain a couple of exploits and that will use respectively to let all users become rooted through.

Kingroot download for any Android Smartphone or Tablet

Kingroot is an amazing creation for lazy people those individuals who desire root permission without touch any single third-party Recovery. Approximately all Smartphone and Tablet models above Android 2.x to 5.0 are the recommended compatible devices. Moreover, throughout Kingroot download, users with Samsung Galaxy KNOX will not trip counter while Sony_RIC will close right away. When the user need to remove everything related root from the handset, unroot option stands there with the same one click approach. However, there are further amazing topics behind this tiny dealer. So we are going to unveil each of them from here. Here we go. 

Kingoroot download for any Android

Kingroot is one of noteworthy Android rooting submissions in the market. As it comes with both PC and apk submissions, users can simply pick up the one that they can easily drive. The single-click method which became the trendy root approach can encounter with this dedicated utility devoid of any trouble. Once you get root permission through King root download, it will supports you to speed up the handset performance, remove bloatware in the system, save battery power and so on related to root permission. However, though it appears can win through whatsoever rooting application, we suggest you this because of its dedicated support for whomever either a newbie or an expert. 

How to root with Kingroot download?

Since there are two separated methods to bring root status on Smartphone via Kingroot, we will let you know the famed Kingroot apk procedure completely without using a PC. Thus, you do not need to compile a USB cable either. Just come along with your device. 

  • Firstly, backup all important data or remove the SD card till the process will end
  • And then launch the handset browser right away and search the utility. It must be the latest version for a better coverage
  • Download it and install normally as an often app
  • You will receive a notification to set “Install block”. Turn according to the direction and enable Unknown sources
  • And then tap on the icon to open it

Put a finger on the “Try it” and then “Get now” buttons respectively to begin the procedure
The screen will change into a progress circle. When it completed the UI will set to the opening
Congrats! You have been successfully got root permission. If there is any doubt about the status, get Root Checker from the Play store and let it confirm that you are with root permission 

Features you will receive

  • Remove useless system files
  • Delete stock apps
  • Hibernate and save the battery life
  • Unblock hidden features
  • Get paid apps for free
  • Automate each and every performance
  • Flash custom ROM/Kernel
  • Tweak every single corner for further uses

Final words

By the way, let this beloved utility make you the master of the device just with a single tap. Whenever you want remove root permission and relatives, use the unroot key right away. Since there you can follow the desktop-based root approach as well, navigate the search if you feel the apk based application might risk. Anyhow, root at your own risk and gain everything fabulous in seconds.

Be a Android Super User with Kingo Root

Kingo Root is a Windows compatible mobile rooting application that included a simple interface. Unlock all sort of features and hidden tweaks and enhances the battery life are the key features of rooting an Android smart device. Boost the clock speed of the integrated processor, appearance customizing, root folder accessing, system font changing, and anything you need to do with your device is shipped along with Kingo Root download. 

Kingo root

You are eligible for Root, Unroot or Remove Root with KingoRoot application with a single click. This tool is totally free of charge. The finally updated v4.3.2 works with any Android firmware version and device model also. Rooting an Android smart device grants customizing opportunities and more other third-party app installations. Therefore, Kingo Root download is multi-purpose manner.

Download Kingo Root Latest Version

You can get the program from the below download links. Installation of CWM or TWRP is not a requirement to utilize this application. That is why this became the most popular rooting application in the modern history. The simple accessible interface with a simple GUI increases the attraction to Kingo Root. Keep in mind that on some occasions a pop-up window might appear saying that installing KingoRoot could be dangerous. Do not be nervous about the situation, allow access to this message and proceed to install. You are able to download Windows and APK files from the dedicated direct links on the official website.

Download Kingo Root

How to Root with Kingo Root APK

  • Enable "Unknown Sources" from the settings on the Android system.
  • Visit the aforesaid website and engage with Kingo Root download.
  • Install the program as a regular software.
  • Then execute the installed application on our Android smart device.
  • Tap on "One Click Root" from the main interface and wait a few seconds.
  • The app will notify at the end of the procedure.

Root Androids with Kingo Root Windows App

  • This mechanism is compatible only with Windows platformed computers.
  • Visit the main domain and then download and install KingoRoot on the compiled computer.
  • Install the latest USB driver software.
  • Connect the smart device to computer using a recommended USB cable.
  • Go to settings and enable USB Debugging on our smart device.
  • Click "Root" button to commence the rooting strategy.
  • Wait for a moment, the tool will notify clearly at the final step.
  • Once the tool notifies that the process has completed, download a free root checker app from the Google play store and check whether the device rooted correctly.
Kingo root PC

The Closure

This is the modern rooting application that can handle in an easy few steps. The simple user interface causes to attract end users to King Root download. Uninstall hidden features, uninstall bloatware, Speed up the smart device in adds the free condition. If you are willing to root your Android smart device get hurry to Kingo Root download free