Root using the latest version of Framaroot apk

The latest version of Framaroot can support almost all suggested Android handsets in minutes to put on root permission on your beloved handset. This is not similar to often rooting applications. But it can let you become rooted in a single click. Framaroot apk download recently updated its edition up to version 1.9.3. It contains all-new features and several new exploits as well. And in recent times, its compatible device list as well lengthened reminding us that it too became one of famed rooting applications in XDA. However, make sure that you are with one of those compatible devices and get ready to root.

Download the latest version – Framaroot apk

The version 1.9.3 is the most recent edition of the utility has been dropped to users with all-new uses, features and movements as well. Moreover, because of its exploits based rooting method, it seems there are several new exploits as well. Thus, there is no doubt that a couple of devices could stretch the compatible device list. Therefore, records prove that the list recently reached 1K compatible models. 

However, the recent version capable to support you all in a perfect way without trips the handset. But this does not mean that it will be safe in every movement. The user should go through their own risk for it even might void their warranty.

Root without a computer 

Since we all know that Framaroot tool comes as an APK, we do not need to come up with a Windows PC as we usually so. So here are the preparations and steps to move on.

Arrangements for the procedure

Fully charge the handset battery at least up to 80%
Create backups is the next step to keep safe all your important files if the procedure goes wrong
And before commence the process, you have to turn to Settings section and enable Unknown sources

Steps to follow

  • Open your device and search for Framaroot’s recent version directly through the browser
  • And then simply start the establishment of the loaded APK. For that you can go through the browser or else the file explorer
  • A warning alert will turn on your display. So you have to pay no heed to it and continue normally
  • And then you can simply open the installed app and enter the option you need between SuperSU, Unroot and Execute script
  • So here, just use the first SuperSU option and end the rooting process

Important: The third option that the tool will display as Execute script can only use when you certainly know its usage. Do not use if you are unsure about its affect.

Troubleshooting tips

It is important consider if the pop up says that your device do not have exploits to use. It means those exploits that the utility contains are not enough and they have been patched on yours. So you should stay there for updates or else turn for some other option. But do not give up when it just say that you are unsuccessful. Try few times until you confirm that it is no longer practical.

Root Android Nougat using Rootkhp Download

Users with Android Nougat now have a unique rooting tool called Rootkhp. It is the most excellent utility and that perfectly supports over 1K handset replicas just with a single click. Throughout, you can gain root permission along with all root-only features such as custom ROM/Kernel flash, remove stock apps, clean junk files, create nandroid backups and so on plainly. Unlike some other implements, Rootkhp download has a unique user interface behind its well-organized procedure that users can simply understand and go on. Though you are a newbie or else a proficient, this will be the best tool you ever meet. 

Rootkhp download for Android

As I clarified, this is the specific implement arranged to root Android 7.0 based devices. Having root permission is important when you want something special that your manufacturer did not permit you. With root class, you are no longer limited or framed. You can gain more and more features and tweaks in minutes. 

However, the reason behind our suggestion is as follow. The fastest performance and the well designed process can let whoever its users reach the victory. Rather than hang on tools that put you in troubles, it would be better turn for a sharp and a trustworthy utility.

Rootkhp apk download

This is not a public application that users can right out right away. The implement has no an APK based arrangement that users capable to directly set to the handset. Thus you have to come up with a Windows running computer that have to connect using a USB cable. Let your handset get rooted using wide screen rather than just go on a limited area directly on the handset.

The latest version

The most recent release of Rootkhp known as the version 1.4. It contains several uses as follow. 

  • Support devices running Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • The device list has been expanded with a couple of new models such as Huawei p9 lite, Galaxy J MAX, Xiaomi Mi Max
  • The performance become faster contain more exploits

How to root using Rootkhp download?



  • Prepare a Windows machine and download the rooting tool in it
  • And then swiftly arrange USB debugging mode
  • Bring a USB cable and network to the handset
  • Once the connection become stable, you can put your finger on the specific root key stand in orange
  • And then “Root process started. Please wait few minutes” notification will appear
  • Stay away until the procedure comes to an end. When it ends, “Congratulations! Root Finished” notice will display if your have been succeeded
  • Now it is time to consider the PC and close the interface. Go back to the handset and set up Rootchecker in it to check out the status properly

Troubleshooting tips 

Here is the list of a couple of important tips when the course of action seems to go wrong. 

  • If there is a trouble with the connectivity, check out the compiled PC, USB cable, connected ports and properly enabled USB debugging mode
  • The utility can run using Windows 10 un to Vista