Flash your Samsung Smartphone with Mobile Odin

When you are searching to flash your Samsung Android Smartphone or the Tablet, you will find out the well-known Odin tool and the Mobile Odin optionally. But both tools have their own differences that are not similar at all. When you need to flash a kernel or a ROM file based on zip extensions cannot flash using the first suggestion. But the other will let you perfectly set up what you need to settle. So here is our complete guide about the utility appearance and its support in varies occasions.

Why Mobile Odin?

Those dedicated Android tool followers might confuse why we have Mobile Odin when already there is the official Odin tool. But its computer based approach is the key difference between two separated utilities. While formal Odin has been introduced by Samsung for beloved consumers to handle the ROM file to upgrade/downgrade or else flash in whatever situation. But Mobile Odin is another suggestion of well-known developer Chainfire. Furthermore, the official Odin tool can only read tar based software kits while the apk model implement welcome both tar and zip packages at the same time without any further requirement.

Flash a kernel using Mobile Odin

  • First of all, go to the Google Play store and pay for Mobile Odin tool
  • When you download the app, you can install it right away devoid of any special permission
  • Now you have to search for the accurate kernel that fits your device model
  • And then launch the Mobile Odin app from your Home screen
  • Grant the Superuser request that will appear as a message there
  • If the kernel that you are going to suggest is a tar, here are the few steps to go behind
  1. Click the “Open File” option
  2. And then find out the tar kernel that you saved on your device
  3. Now enter “OK” to move on
  4. Then you can select the option “Flash Firmware”
  5. As the procedure began, remain few minutes for the handset recovery should set up the kernel
  6. And at the end you can reboot the device
  • Flash a zip extension
  1. Here you have to enter the option OTA/Update ZIP from the utility interface
  2. After that, go for “Flash Firmware” option
  3. And remain there without operate any further as the Smartphone recovery will set up the kernel
  4. To make the installation stable, reboot the handset

Important facts to remember

  • At the end of the operation, you must check out the kernel that you settled through Settings > About > Kernel version
  • The kernel that you prepared must carefully confirm that the handset on your hands will capable to perfectly go through. For that, your handset bootloader, Android version and the system must applicable it devoid of any condition. So you can make sure it via Settings > About Tablet and then the build number there  
  • Having the latest version is the next. Since the newest edition compatible with some further devices, those who could not go through the application in previous versions can check out if they become compatible with the newest and try out right away


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