How To Root Android And Hack Your Favourite Android Games

Gaming is one of the key reasons that inspires an Andoird user to root an Android smartphone. Obviously, gaming is really interesting and make users addicted to playing game untill it ends. But the main problem that arises when reaching the final steps of the games is the lack of resources and in-app purchases. These things discourage the gamers to play the game untill it ends. Finally, they disappointed with the game without finishing it. That is why there is a higher demand for rooting as it can allow users to hack Android games easily and bypass the Google play store.

How To Root Android

At the point of game hacking, How To Root Android quiz arises inevitably as no one can bypass the Google play without getting system-level permission to do so. However, this quiz can't be answered directly as the method depends on various technical and software factors. You can check the XDA forum or another reputed Android community to find out the exact way to root your Android device.

How To Hack Your Favourite Android Game

The most simple way to hack your favourite Android game is using a modifier app. Here you will be able to find out a few popular game hacking apps

  • Lucky Patcher APK - Lucky Patcher APK primarily allows you to bypass the Google billing section and have a number of paid games and apps for free. Also, it offers you community-driven custom patches for some games and you can apply them on compatible games. Although the app is said to be compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices, it rather works on rooted devices than non-rooted devices

  • GameCIH - GameCIH is another wonderful game hacking tool for Android which helps Android users to get game resources such as coins that needs to complete the game. The app essentially needs a rooted device and no option to use withou root access. Although you are a newbie to the game hacking, you can use the APK as it has a simple hacking method 

  • SB Game Hacker - SB Game Hacker is one of really popular game hacking app among Android geeks. As same as other game hacking tools mention here, SB Game hacker app also needs root access to work. Besides the hacking the game, it has a higher reputation in speeding up the time that essentially needs to some games.

Winding Up

Almost all of the Android hacking tools requires a properly rooted Android device as those tool needs system-level permission to implement the commands. So, make sure to have your device rooted properly and verify it before performing any root-access needed task.